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I'm a British journalist based in Los Angeles with more than 12 years of experience covering stories around the globe. I have worked in Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Lebanon, Armenia, Belize, Colombia, and many more places, reporting on the planet as well as the people, plants, and animals who live in it.

I direct and produce documentaries, I cover breaking news and current events for the world's biggest publications, I write long-read features for scripted adaptation, and I make podcasts and audio documentaries for radio, podcast studios, and streaming platforms.

I have worked for the United Nations, the BBC, NatGeo, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, and many more. Currently I work part time as a journalist and editor for BBC's Future Planet, and I am hosting and producing a podcast with Pushkin and iHeartRadio called 'Where's Dia?'.

My recent documentary, Born in Prison, which I directed for Topic Studios/First Look Media won Best Director at the Toronto International Women's Film Festival. My piece for PopSci, about drought along the Mexican border, was cited in a civil lawsuit against the Trump administration. And a collection of short films and articles that I produced about climate change in Colombia was awarded a United Nations Correspondents Association prize. 

I love collaborating with new people, in challenging environments, to tell important – and fascinating – stories. 

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